Swirlbev, a division of Lieber Fine Wines, is pleased to announce that it has expanded its services to include supplier importing and distribution access to the New York and New Jersey markets. This expansion will provide assistance to suppliers who are seeking to gain distribution in these markets, including compliance and warehousing support.

As a trusted partner in the wine and spirits industry, Swirlbev has established strong relationships with distributors in the United States. With its extensive knowledge of the industry, Swirlbev is well-positioned to help suppliers navigate the complex distribution landscape.

“Our goal is to provide a seamless and efficient process for suppliers looking to enter the New York and New Jersey markets,” said a Roy Daleo, President of Swirlbev. “We understand the challenges that suppliers face in gaining distribution and we are committed to providing the support and expertise needed to succeed in these markets.”

With its unique importing and distribution program, Swirlbev can help suppliers expand their reach and increase their sales in the highly competitive New York and New Jersey markets. In addition to providing compliance and warehousing support, Swirlbev also offers marketing and promotional services to help suppliers build brand awareness and increase sales.

“We are excited to offer these new services to our clients,” said Larry Lieberman, General Manager of Lieber Fine Wines the parent company of Swirlbev. “We believe that this expansion will help us better serve the needs of our clients and further solidify our position as a trusted partner in the wine and spirits industry.”

For more information about Swirlbev’s importing and distribution services, please contact them at or Roy Daleo 516 468 3678.

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With Sales and Marketing managed by Swirl Bev, we will navigate the
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Complete state-level alcoholic beverage registration and reporting requirements

Logistics & Fulfillment

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US customers clearance

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Monthly accounting support including and detailed support

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The US market is complex and difficult to navigate. Operating in 51 unique markets all with multiple layers of taxation, different regulations, and tiers, while continuously turning a profit is a challenge.
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100,000 +

SKU’s carried by distributors


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